Politica Covid-19

Como lidamos com o COVID-19

Before you book your sailing expedition please read carefully:

First of all we want to highlight that we run small group courses (max4). We create a bubble in each course we run and everyone should contribute for the safety of the entire group. Exceptionally during this pandemic situation we take 3 crew.

Before you join the boat you will have to make a test. We have tests onboard and you can book with us (price 50€) a test or you can do it by yourself 24 hours before joining the boat.

The present pandemic situation requires a regular evaluation and flexibility applying those guidelines.

We strongly recommend you:

  1. Responsible behavior specially in the last 2 weeks before joining a course
  2. Track your temperature before last 7 days before joining a course
  3. Use mask


  1. Test before joining the boat
  2. We will be measuring body temperature every day
  3. Disinfect all the surfaces (sailing vessel)
  4. Strong anti-viral cleaner used to clean the boat once a day

Contingency plan – if there is a suspicion of COVID-19:

  1. Suspension of activities
  2. Isolation – eventually suspension of the sailing expedition
  3. Follow the DGS (Directorate General of Health) recommendations here>>


You can cancel your booking and be fully refunded when:

  1. We cannot start the course
  2. You are COVID-19 positive 2 weeks before your arrival
  3. You will have to be in quarantine when you return
  4. Travel against any government bans or warnings

In any of those situations we fully refund you.

We also strongly recommend you to hire a travel insurance (around 30€) – check here


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