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Meeting point for sailing course at Marina of Olhão and meeting point for powerboat courses marina of Faro (doca de Faro).

Food provided onboard is taken from local market in Olhão. We prefer organic and fresh products.

Sailing courses are very techincal. Expect to do several drills during introtuction courses. Maybe a nice passage if the weather permits. Expect to do at least 100 NMiles during our sailing courses. Our home port is Olhão and we might go 1 or 2 days out is the weather and class requires.

Some courses have pre-requirements. Make sure you have those pre-requirements before book a course. You can always choose a Fastrack - from zero to hero!

Before arriving, you just need to pay a 320 Euro deposit in order for us to save your spot. The rest of the money is paid 2 months before your expeditions starts.

We have courses for all levels. Explore our courses by level: beginners, intermediate ad advanced. Some courses have pre-requirements.

Space is limited onboard. Bring a soft bag / backpack with the essential stuff. Plese read our post "What to bring on a sailing course". Check the wether forecast for this area vbefore you pack.

If you abandon the boat before you are responsible for all the costs. There will be no refund.

Courses we provide are recreational. Some countries / companies will accept Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore to work in the charter industry (boats less than 12 passengers). Our Small Powrboat & Rib Master certification is a professional certification commercially endorsed. Althought check with the company / country if they accept the certification.

Check the course general information to undersatnd what is included in your course

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