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Preparing your course before coming to us

Prepare your course

All IYT courses have an e-learning theory course preparation and a notebook for each course. You should complete the e-learning preparation course and notebook reading before the first day of your presential course. Tou can find those documents in the tab "online resources" on your course page.

Preparation is mandatory

The preparation for your course is mandatory and essential for the success of your course.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions regarding your course preparation, please contact us.

This is what we expect from you

Your role onboard:

You have booked a sailing expedition or sailing course as a crew/student. Do not expect a charter cruise. Don’t  expect a cruise ship type of trip.
Feel at “home”. Take care of each other. You will be involved in running the boat, keeping the boat nice and clean. Expect:

Wash dishes – the rule is: team doing meals does dishes
Cleaning (heads included!)
Cooking on a rotation system
Standing Watch (alone or with a partner)
Recording in the logbook
Participating on the passage planing
Going forward to reef / set the spinnaker – bring deck shoes

Rules: Dos and don'ts

Your conduct should follow these rules:

Wear a lifejackets at all time on deck
If you don’t know something, please ask
Leave everything the same way you find it
If you damage / break something, please tell the staff
Have fun
Smile :)
Be kind
Enjoy yourself / enjoy life

The following behavior is not allowed onboard:

Drinking alcohol during passages
Taking illegal drugs

Also Read: Terms and conditions

Before booking with us you also need to read our Terms and Conditions and explicitly comply with the statement.

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